26 nov. 2013

United Kingdom - Country Project

UK (United Kingdom) is a country in Europe. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England make up UK. Its flag is blue, red and white. The Capital city is London. The people in UK speak English. The weather in winter is cold and wet, but it’s often warm in the summer. Many people like walking and cycling. There are many castles in UK and many beautiful places to visit, too. Come and enjoy United Kingdom!!

France - Country Project

French food, wine, culture and fashion have influenced people all over the world. Many French words have become part of the English language. Football and rugby are popular sports in France. Many people enjoy following professional bike racing, every July, France hosts the Tour of France. This is a three week bicycle race which covers more than 2.000 kilometres. The capital of France is Paris. French flag is blue, white and red. Breakfast in France usually starts with a croissant and bread with jam and butter. Come and enjoy france!

7 nov. 2013

halloween 2013

Welcome to our scary celebration of Halloween.
This year we've made different activities for Halloween:
We've watched a film in each cycle:
Monster House
Dora the Explorer and the Halloween Party

We've enjoyed with the Land of Horror that we dacorated in the English Classroom

Here you have the video of the Land of Horror:

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween Day!!!

Happy Halloween!!!